About Us

  • The history of the “Mae Toi” began with making Mango Nam Pla Wan (sweet dipping sauce with mangoes) for her friends to try until she received praises and supports to create the product seriously.

  • After Nam Pla Wan received better response than expected. Mae Toi therefore decided to produce Miang Kham as a second product — especially its sauce which has received overwhelming praises.

  • Each product uses great meticulousness in every production process. To ensure that…

Every Bite is “Happiness”


Who is Mae Toi?

Former advertising editor of Kullastree magazine who is passionate in cooking and coming up with new recipies.

Eventually, she creates “Miang Kham” & “Nam Pla Wan” that makes many people so addicted and return for second and third buy.

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What are our products?

Nam Pla Wan

  • Mae Too took more than 50 pans of effort until it turned out to be a perfectly successful recipe.

  • Use good shrimp paste, not salty, not strong smell.

  • Specially selected dried shrimp

  • Don’t skimp on the quantity in the can.

  • Halal supported

Miang Kham

  • Full of herbs

  • Use good raw materials

  • Fragrant

  • The taste is not bittersweet

  • The sauce texture is not too sticky

  • Has properties in nourishing the body