Mango Nam Pla Wan

99 ฿


Product Details

Mango Set with Sweet Fish Sauce (ready to eat), delivered directly to your home. With delicious mango and turmeric And the important thing is to focus on cleanliness Fresh products from quality sources.

  • Mango with sweet fish sauce set, price 99 baht
  • Turmeric mango (seasonal)
  • Good quality coconut sugar
  • Selected shrimp paste (not salty, not strong smell)
  • Large dried shrimp
  • Sticky, concentrated texture
  • Just the right amount of spiciness

Other important information

  • Halal standards (Halal Certification)
  • Aluminum pull cap
  • Can be stored for 1 year (at normal temperature)
  • Can be stored for 6 months (if exposed to sunlight or high heat)

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